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Must Read/Serious DD

Published Date Title Author
2020-07-27 100%+ Short Interest in GameStop stock (GME) - Fundamental & Technical Deep Value Analysis (YouTube) 🔊 u/DeepFuckingValue
2021-03-13 Citadel Has No Clothes u/atobitt
2021-03-30 The EVERYTHING Short u/atobitt
2021-03-30 Naked Shorting Scam Series u/broccaaa
2021-04-05 Why We Are Trading Sideways Series u/c-digs
2021-04-06 Walkin’ Like a Duck Talkin’ Like a Duck u/atobitt
2021-04-11 Chaos Theory Series u/sharkbaitlol
2021-04-21 House of Cards Series u/atobitt
2021-04-22 Go / No Launch Checklist u/nothingbuttherainsir
2021-05-01 Ultimate DD Guide to the Moon Series u/sydneyfriendlycub
2021-05-07 Danger Zone Series u/Criand
2021-05-09 Compilation of Market Manipulation Tactics u/Golden_D9
2021-05-23 We’re All Fucked u/CoffeeLaxative
2021-05-24 GME Masters’ Guide u/Blanderson_Snooper
2021-06-05 Definitive Guide about Naked Shorting u/sharkbaitlol
2021-06-05 Where are the Shares Series u/leavemeanon
2021-06-07 Hank’s Big Bang: Quant Apes Glitch the Simulation! u/HomeDepotHank69
2021-06-10 GME MOASS Thesis Summary 2.0 u/HCMF_MaceFace
2021-06-15 The Bigger Short u/Criand
2021-06-15 In Death by 1000 Cuts, SHF Just Received their 999 Cut u/No1Important_4real
2021-06-18 The Sun Never Sets on Citadel Series u/swede_child_of_mine
2021-06-21 Fed is Pinned into a Corner from 2008 Can-Kicking u/Criand
2021-06-21 Hyperinflation is Coming - The Dollar Endgame Series u/peruvian_bull
2021-06-22 The Long Con u/Con101smd
2021-06-22 Through the Looking Glass u/Con101smd
2021-06-22 Updated TLDR of Regulations u/stevetheimpact
2021-07-02 More Evidence Pointing to the use Deep ITM CALLs and Deep OTM PUTs to hide SI! u/Criand
2021-07-14 A Castle of Glass u/3for100Specials
2021-07-19 OTM PUTs are Passed Puck of Short Positions & Price Movements are around Monthly Options u/Criand

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